Endocrine Surgery at Michigan State University, Lansing,Michigan. Thyroid Parathyroid Adrenal Pancreas. Hyperparathyroidism, Thyroid nodule, Thyroid cancer

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Bradford K. Mitchell, MD,FACS, ECNU
(517) 267-2460
Practice Opened in Lansing Michigan January 2016
Specializing in Endocrine, Minimally Invasive, & Robotic General Surgery

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Bradford K. Mitchell, MD, FACS, ECNU     | Old Morgantown Office  1311 Pineview Drive, Suite 200,   Morgantown, WV  |   (304) 225-7549 Fax   (304) 225-7551
(517) 267-246Office Address:
1200 East Michigan Ave
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Lansing, MI  48912

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(517) 267-2460
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Single Site Robotic cholecystectomy and robotic bowel (colon and small intestine)is now available!
Dr Brad Mitchell, MD, FACS, ECNU, is pleased to be a member of the Michigan State University​ Department of Surgery. I join Dr Michael McLeod and Dr Andrew Saxe in the Endocrine Surgery section. We focus on performing state of the art care in parathyroid and thyroid surgery for hyperparathyroidism and for thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and symptomatic goiters and Graves disease that can not be treated medically. I bring my diagnostic Ultrasound experience to the practice and I perform Ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy of thyroid nodules or suspicious lymph nodes in thyroid cancer patients. State of the art Affirma gene testing is performed on indeterminate biopsies so that patients may avoid a diagnostic surgery. Outpatient thyroidectomy and parthyroidectomy will be offered to patients and special accommodations can be made for out of town patients. 

Patients with Adrenal conditions such as Cushings, Pheochromocytoma or Conn's syndrome 
( Hyperaldosteronism ) that require surgery for hormone secretionwill likely have minimally invasive Robotic or Laparoscopic Surgery. Patients with adrenal cancer and other abdominal tumors may also qualify for robtic or minimally invasive surgery By Dr Mitchell or in conjunction with Drs Ito or Kavuturu in the Surgical Oncology division of Michigan State University Department of Surgery on the Lansing Campus. 

Dr. Mitchell, Dr McLeod and Dr Saxe are all Members of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons. In addition, the group is represented in the Endocrine Society, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist, and the American Thyroid Association.